The ideal investee company is 2-3 years old, is going through an accelerated growth phase and features:

  • Innovative product and/or business model, effectively disrupting its sector and offering very significant growth potential over the investment horizon
  • Turnover and margins proving the viability of product and business model
  • A convincing entrepreneur looking for a capital partner and willing to share strategic decisions
  • Minimum €5m capital increase with governance rights and agreed-upon exit strategy


Looking for long-standing businesses in highly specialized niches of industries such as mechanical equipment and components, the production value chain of fashion and luxury, medical devices and food with the following characteristics:

  • Significant international exposure
  • High margin and cash-flow generation potential
  • Need of ownership restructuring with a majority/minority investment of €5-20m equity investment


Seeking the acquisition of assets in real estate and renewable energy sectors that provide long-term high annual cash yields with a relatively limited risk profile:

  • Real estate: residential and commercial properties, corporate or family assets reorganisation, €5-50m deal size
  • Renewables: small-mid size (750KW-10MW) grid-connected solar and wind farms, €5-50m deal size